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Las Vegas is the most populous city in the state of Nevada and an internationally renowned major resort city for the gaming industry, shopping, and entertainment. Las Vegas is billed as The Fight and Entertainment Capital of the World. The City has hosted some of the biggest events in MMA history, is the training home to several world-class fighters and is headquarters to the largest MMA promotion in the world.

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Fighters 3632
Managers 4753
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Pound Town INC - Nutrition 
Elite MMA Gyms (space) Elite MMA Gyms (full) Basic Gyms
Kalashnikov ELITE MMA Gym
The Jungle Room
Desert Fitness & Training (14 Elite Coaches)
Rabid Dog
Blackout Sparring
Gym Heroes

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Elite MMA Gyms (invite only)
Cozad MMA Las Vegas
Vandal Fighting Club
Thibodeaux's Rogues
GAMMA: Contenders
Flair Promotions
Grunge FC  (Inactive)
Venom FC Kickboxing Org
Sin Gritty  (Inactive)Kickboxing Org
Clothing Companies Shopping Tools
Conquer 7 day clothing sales
Akuma Wear Clothing search
The Natural Order
Fenrir Fightgear - Anno 2013
Aspire Clothing
BuriedAlive// Fight Gear
Dick Dolla Douchebag
Bear N Saints
Nutrition Companies Shopping Tools
Voodoo Nutrition 7 day nutrition sales
Paddy's Enhancing Drugs (160Q) Nutrition search
Pound Town INC
Barry Bonds Performance Enhancers -160Q
The Dirty Needle Project
Hot Momma's Cookin
Real Men Juice
Bookmakers Other Gambling
QUBE Bookies
SYN Bets
Tycoon Lottery
Bet High Low
MMA Grand Capacity: 17157
Wandalay Bay Capacity: 12000
Sparta's Palace Capacity: 7000
The Parisian Capacity: 5250
Hard Knocks - Las Vegas Capacity: 3000
The Palmtree Capacity: 2200
Hayashi's Lounge - Las Vegas Capacity: 2000
The Underground - Las Vegas Capacity: 1000
Wild Bob's Bar - Las Vegas Capacity: 750
Paddy O'Malleys Bar - Las Vegas Capacity: 700
Micro Arena - Las Vegas Capacity: 400
Convicted Inc
Fighting championships
Pound Town Fighters Guild
One Man Wolf Pack
Real world shopping

MMA Warehouse - MMA Clothing, round 5 figures etc.
Cafe Press - Enormous clothing (and other items) store. Millions of designs.
Bad Boy MMA - Official sponsors of Lyoto Machida, Diego Sanchez and Shogun Rua
Amazon Store
Bet US - Full odds for all major sports, including MMA

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