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DARE 67 Features 2 Title Fights Sep-18-2018 SYN: DARE (290K+)
A New Tournament Sep-11-2018 Honolulu-Hilo MMA {325k+}
GAMMA: August Part 2 by James Isaac Abraham Sep-10-2018 Global Association of MMA™
Ranking (Updated 09/09) Sep-09-2018 Gladius 335k+
Official Rankings (09/09/2018) Sep-09-2018 Iron Man Fight Club (315k+)
DARE 65 ODDS ARE IN! Sep-08-2018 SYN: DARE (290K+)
GAMMA: Gerbert Bryant HOF entry Sep-08-2018 Global Association of MMA™
A New Name, Owner & Beginning Sep-06-2018 Warrior System XX - Rankings Sep-05-2018 BANDAI™ MMA (330K+)
SyFi - Weekend Preview Sep-04-2018 Sydney Fights (322k+ Fighters)
SyFi - Power Rankings and Upcoming Fights Sep-04-2018 Sydney Fights (322k+ Fighters)
DARE partners with Bee Krazy (5537) Sep-04-2018 SYN: DARE (290K+)
NJMMA News - September 4th Sep-04-2018 New Jersey MMA (320k+)
DARE CHAMPIONS Sep-03-2018 SYN: DARE (290K+)
Official Rankings (02/09/18) Sep-02-2018 Iron Man Fight Club (315k+)
DARE 64 : GODS OF WAR Sep-01-2018 SYN: DARE (290K+)
SELAH Recruiting Aug-31-2018 Selah 338+
SyFi - Weekend Preview Aug-29-2018 Sydney Fights (322k+ Fighters) - Rankings Aug-28-2018 BANDAI™ MMA (330K+)
Rankings 28/08/2018 Aug-27-2018 RISE Fight League
Contract News Aug-27-2018 Honolulu-Hilo MMA {325k+}
SyFi - Power Rankings and Upcoming Fights Aug-27-2018 Sydney Fights (322k+ Fighters)
Iron Man Fight Club - Official Rankings (26th August 2018) Aug-27-2018 Iron Man Fight Club (315k+)
Rankings Aug-26-2018 RISE Fight League
SyFi - Weekend Recap Aug-26-2018 Sydney Fights (322k+ Fighters)
Selah the Beginning Aug-26-2018 Selah 338+
Ranking (Updated 25/08) Aug-25-2018 Gladius 335k+
DKCW 1 Bastard vs Alvarez Aug-25-2018 DropKick Cage Warriors
HonoHi 1: Origins Aug-23-2018 Honolulu-Hilo MMA {325k+}
DARE RANKINGS 8/22/18 Aug-23-2018 SYN: DARE (290K+)
SyFi - Weekend Preview Aug-22-2018 Sydney Fights (322k+ Fighters)
DUEL Bookmaker Aug-22-2018 Duel Fighting League
GAMMA: August Part 1 by James Isaac Abraham Aug-22-2018 Global Association of MMA™ - Rankings Aug-21-2018 BANDAI™ MMA (330K+)
SyFi - Power Rankings and Upcoming Fights Aug-20-2018 Sydney Fights (322k+ Fighters)
An Explanation of the Beginning of HonoHi Aug-20-2018 Honolulu-Hilo MMA {325k+}
SyFi - Weekend Recap Aug-19-2018 Sydney Fights (322k+ Fighters) - Rankings Aug-19-2018 BANDAI™ MMA (330K+)
HELLBENT Combat Club Aug-19-2018 HELLBENT Combat Club
EFA 85 Preview Aug-18-2018 Extreme Fighting Association
SyFi - Weekend Preview Aug-16-2018 Sydney Fights (322k+ Fighters) - Main Page Aug-16-2018 BANDAI™ MMA (330K+)
EFL Performance Institute Aug-16-2018 Eastern Fighting League
NJMMA News August 15th 2018 Aug-15-2018 New Jersey MMA (320k+)
SyFi - Power Rankings and Upcoming Fights Aug-14-2018 Sydney Fights (322k+ Fighters)
BANDAI 3: Honor is upon us! Preview by Ikki Takkeda Aug-12-2018 BANDAI™ MMA (330K+)
about us Aug-12-2018 Budokai Fighting Federation (330k+)
Ranking (Updated 12/08) Aug-12-2018 Gladius 335k+
DK Battlegrounds I Rudskogen vs Volkov Aug-11-2018 DropKick Cage Warriors
SyFi - Weekend Preview Aug-08-2018 Sydney Fights (322k+ Fighters)
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