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Post event - SELAH: Legends in the Making

Organization: Selah 338+
Event Name: SELAH: Legends in the Making
Event Commentary: View Commentary / View PBP
Event Discussion: Click here
Date: 2018-09-22
City: Las Vegas
Arena: Paddy O'Malleys Bar - Las Vegas (700)
Number of fights: 10
Rules: MMA
Ticket Price: Budget
Ring / Cage: Cage
Pay per View?: No
Event Rating: 52.67
Attendance: 518
Disclosed fighter pay: $26500
Award amount: -
 KO of the night: -
Sub of the night: -
Fight of the night: -
Merchandise Partner: None
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The fights
Weight Rnds Winner Loser Method Round Time    
265 lbs 3 Bobby Hickson Big Foot KO (Strikes) 1 00:34
170 lbs 3 Chief Tomahawk Mussy Bucknut TKO (Strikes) 1 01:51
145 lbs 3 Red Bull Darius Williams Decision (Unanimous) 3 05:00
170 lbs 3 Get Right Grapple Diarmuid Ua Duibhne Submission (Triangle) 1 03:19
185 lbs 3 Scott Hill Hammer Time Cant Touch This Decision (Unanimous) 3 05:00
145 lbs 3 Leo Vuce Oberyn Martell TKO (Strikes) 1 02:59
170 lbs 3 Jonathan Bentley Lucius Legacy Submission (Armbar) 1 03:20
145 lbs 3 William Jeffries Tain Bo Cuailnge Decision (Unanimous) 3 05:00
145 lbs 3 Bruce White Jr Joe Schmoe Submission (Kimura) 1 03:59
185 lbs 3 Sebastian Rutten Ted Jackson Submission (RNC) 1 01:56
Event Discussion

Brother Hec Sep 23, 2018 01:58 GMT
SELAH: Legends in the Making September 22 2018 Fight Fans we have the debut of a brand new fighting organization this evening. This evening at 6:00 p.m. pacific time we will welcome twenty young competitors in what will be a historic event in Selah: Legends in the Making. The event will be held in Las Vegas at the Paddy O’Malleys Bar with an expected sellout crowd. Let us go ahead and get into the preview for this night. Ted the Bear Jackson vs Sebastian Rutten The first matchup is between to eighteen year old featherweights. Both of these fighters will be making their professional debut this evening. The Bear is a force to be reckoned with when standing it has been stated that he is a very precise and heavy handed puncher but is that enough to stop Sebastian who is a sublime grappling machine. The purple belt wrestler hailing out of Amsterdam has been training his ground game since his early teenage years and is not looking to bring this fight to the ground and end it with a submission. Something the Bear has yet to fully experience. Joe Schmoe vs Bruce White Jr. When Joe “see How it Goes” Schmoe enters the cage this evening, one can only expect a well rounded martial artist to play a more defensive game. His opponent Bruce White Jr. who trains out of Amsterdam alongside Sebastian Rutten is also a talented Grappling machine. This will be quite an entertaining grappling match if it goes to the ground. Both men train quite seriously on their ground game and one could only expect this fight to go the complete distance. Both of these men look to start their professional debut off with an exciting finish and fans will be in a treat for what i suspect to be just that. There is no way this fight goes the distance. Tain Bo Cualinge vs William Jefferies The Irish Sensation Tain Bo Cualinge aims to bring his Jiu Jitsu expertise to the mat this evening as he takes on the phenomenal muay thai practitioner William Jefferies. The 18 Year Old Tain Bo certainly does not back down from a fight and this is the second fighter he is facing that is quite a bit older than him. 25 year old William Jeffries is so confident he will win this fight it has been said that he has not stepped foot in the gym even though he pays a monthly membership at Cozard MMA in Las Vegas. It may be clear that Tain Bo has trained hard to redeem his past loss and will take his vengeance on Jefferies later this evening. Lucius Legacy vs Jonathan Bentley One of the more exciting fights of the night to the Organizations Owner is the matchup between The Legend and Jon Jon! Both of these men have a blemished record and look to get on with winning ways. Jon Jon is a highly ranked jiu Jitsu practitioner who was submitted in his last outing showing that although he knows how to put locks on people he certainly has no knowledge on how to escape them. Legacy who has far superior striking and pretty stable wrestling defense will look to nullify all takedown attempts and paint the cage red with Jon Jons Face. Lucius seems pretty ready to enter the cage this evening and has bring the pain. Leo Vuce vs Oberyn Martell The two teenagers are fearful of noone. These two experts in Muay Thai are coming for what is expected to be an all out striking war. When asked about his chances making a name for himself 16 year old Oberyn Martell simply said, “I will be the greatest.” The confidence that comes from this young man is something to behold. His first test is none other than the master of the clinch Leo Vuce. In his last outing Vuce outpointed his opponent by such a large amount that he won the last two rounds by a 10-8 on all judges scorecards. Basically fight fans if you are looking for an entertaining stand up match this is the one you should keep your eyes on. Scott Hill vs Hammer Time Cant Touch This If the previous fight was a striking barn burner you can bet the house that this will be a showcase of grappling phenomena. Scott Hill a former High School wrestling champion has been training jiu jitsu aiming to make his mark in the MMA scene. Hammer a brown belt looks dangerous in almost every area on the ground and always aims for submissions whenever he gets the chance. Expect pulling of guards to possibly the fight actually starting on the floor. Whatever happens i can see a rematch in a grappling only matchup in the future for these two. Get Right Grapple vs Diarmuid Ua Duibhne When two brown belts are faced off against each other you can expect one of two things: Either pride will enter and both will look to submit the other or there will be no chances taken and both will keep the fight standing. Expectations for most are pretty clear both of these men will look to break the arm and spirit of the other. Get Right Grapple has examined Diarmuid’s last performance so much that he believes he sees the way to finish. Diarmuid who barely lost his last performance has no intention to feel that loss pain again and has plans to send Grapple into early retirement. Red Bull vs Darius Williams When you have two competitors who are known in their gyms as dangerous sparring partners you know when they meet in the cage there will be blood. Darius Williams the elder of the two comes into this fight with such a unique well roundedness. He may be the most well rounded fighter in all of Selah and he is completely fine with wherever the fight ends up. Red Bull is more of a keep the fight standing and throw head kicks kind of guy. The Austrian cares little for the age difference and looks to bring chaos into the mind of Williams later this evening. Mussy Bucknut vs Chief Tomahawk When Cherokee Nations Tomahawk comes to fight he finishes people. His 2-0 record shines stunningly in front of all competitors. Knocking out his last two opponents this fighter has an exciting presence about him. Tomahawk is looking for revenge this evening as his sparring partner Chief Keef was defeated by Bucknut just last month. 3-0 Mussy Bucknut looks to bring more pain to the Cherokee Nation and outpoint Tomahawk at every turn of the fight. This man has put on a masterful showcase of boxing expertise stomping his opponents morale as they struggled to defend a single punch and got outpointed the entire fight. Although neither of these men have really had their chins tested in the cage you can be assured both will be tested tonight. Selah Fight fans have been clamoring for this fight and it is expected to be the fight of the night which makes many wonder why it wasnt set as the main event for the evening. Big Foot vs Bobby Hickson Big Foot vs Bobby Hickson will end viciously and send all in attendance home happy. To say something about this fight that may not be known is that this is actually a rematch of a fight that happened on the 30th of August where Hickson took Foot down hitting him three times forcing the referee to step in and stop the blood-thirsty Hickson. The 6”4 Big Foot who actually trains with 6”2 Bobby Hickson at Cozard MMA in Las Vegas has forced the gym to take sides and divided the culture of Cozard in half. Most of their sparring partners are disgruntled that the two could not amend their ways and but the only way this ends is through a rematch. Sparring Partners of Big Foot claims he was actually injured and Hickson exploited that weakness by taking him down. Proponents of Hickson state that he had no real knowledge that Big Foot even trained at Cozard and wouldn’t stoop so low to do that. Whatever the case may be tonight the feud ends and a Legend emerges. Fight Fans after the show send me your thoughts on the fight. Who put on the best performance and which fighters are you most excited to see compete again. The review for this card is expected to be out by Sunday Night. Do you have a business? Think about advertising it in our Previews and Reviews.
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