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Blunt Force Trauma - 'Need Staff'

Org name: Blunt Force Trauma
Kickboxing Hype:
Fighters signed: 0
Number of events: 497
Base: Sydney
Owner: Antonius Proximo
Ranking (Global): 55
Ranking (City): 3
Satisfaction rating: 0% from 0 ratings.
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About us: BFT is Sydney's oldest fight organization with over 420+ events under our belt. BFT has fair matchmaking, 2 events per week, $2000-$50000 Of The Night bonuses and event writeups. We pride ourselves on fair matchups and will not throw your fighters to the wolves...whether they are new pros or experienced veterans. Come see why fighters are happy to call BFT home (97% satisfaction rating).
Latest News: BFT - 273 Review
  BFT 273: Mazzarri vs Atsushi 4 Review

Heavyweight - BFT newcomer Fedor "The Last Emperor" Emelianenko cut open 2x BFT Award Winner "Demolition Man" Alistair Overeem at 4:57 in round 1 forcing the ref to stop the fight.

This fight saw a lot of striking action, mostly in the clinch. Emelianenko was really cracking Overeem with elbows and knees in the clinch. Overeem was throwing, but Emelianenko was able to avoid taking too much damage. It started with an early knee from Fedor that cut open Overeem. Overeem was able to respond with a nice elbow that cut open Fedor, but then Fedor cut open Overeem with some nice elbows of his own. He took some really bad shots from those elbows and it started looking like a horror movie. Overeem broke the clinch up in hopes of making it into round 2 to get his cut treated a little bit; Fedor had other plans. After a few nice shots, Fedor dropped Overeem with a nice left and hurt him bad. It really opened up that gash on Overeem's head and the ref had to stop the fight.

Lightweight - The former KOTC Lightweight Champion Janek "Dragao" Smok Unanimous Decisions the Valhalla, RCS and BFT veteran "Le dechireur" Bonhomme Sept Heures.

In round 1, Smok wanted to assert himself as a power house on the ground. After stopping a few good takedowns, Sept Heures couldn't stop them all and was on his back for the remainder of the round. Smok was very controlling and dominant on top. The second round started with another takedown about Sept Heures was a little more active this time with a few sprinkled submission attempts. But Smok was still dominant throughout the round, going more actively for submissions. In the third round, Bonhomme was doing everything possible from keeping this fight from going to the mats or judges. He was actively throwing strikes and keeping Smok from getting the fight from going to the ground. He was landing some solid punches, kicks, and even a few knees. He did everything he could to get the knockout, but Smok was able to hold on and get his decision victory.

Co-Main - Heavyweight - BFT title contender hopeful "The Freak" Brock Lesnar submits 6x BFT Submission of the Night Winner Frank Mir with a triangle choke at 1:31 in round 3.

Mir was fine keeping the fight standing early, where he was landing the better shots. But he saw the oppurtunity to take the fight to the mats and he did such... right into side control! From there he was fairly controlling until he goofed on a leg lock that let Lesnar hop on top. Even though Mir gave up his back at one point, he was still able to recover his position and end up back on top. The two men were willing to trade on the mattrading takedowns and submission attempts until thr round ended. A very close round, but looked like Mir was able to get a leg up on Mir. Lesnar went for a triangle choke, but it was a little too loose. He went for another one after a little more set-up and was able to sink it in tight and quick. He was down on the score cards, but definately walked away with a solid 'W'.

Main Event - Lightweight Title! - The reigning BFT Lightweight Champion "Mace" Enrico Mazzarri Unanimous Decisions the long time former BFT Lightweight Champion "Kana" Kuroda Atsushi to successfully defend his title under his second title run for the first tiem and to bring the Mazzarri-Atsushi fights 3-1 in favor of Mazzarri.

The first round had the two men trading blows for a while before Atsushi was able to take the fights to the mats. Mazzarri was trying to fight it off with a guillotine attempt, but Atsushi was able to keep the train rolling. He was able to work his way into full mount before the end of the round and was successfully able to end the round on top. In round 2, Mazzarri was able to get on top and definately made Atsushi uncomfortable. He worked him over with ground and pound and submission attempts. The two men trade positions periodically, but at the end Mazzarri was able to hold on to the top position more and hurt Atsushi more. The way that round 3 started was with a solid exchange that ended with Mazzarri countering a leg kick with a takedown. Atsushi was actively looking on the finish and was going for the several submission attempts, but Mazzarri was able to keep out of danger and keep active enough to take the round. With momentum on his side, round 4 was in Mazzarri's favor. He was able to get the takedown and was able to land some serious ground and pound from the top. Mazzarri went for some submission attempts on the dreary eyed Atsushi, but it was to no avail. Atsushi was able to get up at the end of the round to try and lay it all out in one final 5 minute round. Mazzarri went for another takedown right away. Atsushi went for solid submission attempts, but Mazzarri was attentive and able to fight off the attempts. Mazzarri, as tired as he was, was still working on keeping getting the decision, and was successful in doing so.


Welterweight - Pat Small Unanimous Decisions Curtis "Razor" Sharp
Lightweight - Frank "BringingDownThe" Hammer TKO'ed (RD3) Spar Bjj.
Light Heavyweight - Chris Robinson Submit (RD3) Forrest Gryphen
Welterweight - "Clap" Igor Wietrzny Submit (RD1) Blake "The Great" Axe
Heavyweight - Clayton "RazorBlade" Ozone KO'ed (RD1) Peter "Rhino" Tyzzkling

Fight of the Night - Pat Small vs Curtis "Razor" Sharp
KO of the Night - Clayton "RazorBlade" Ozone
SUB of the Night - "The Freak" Brock Lesnar
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