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Claymore Elite Combat

Org name: Claymore Elite Combat
Kickboxing Hype:
Fighters signed: 122
Number of events: 562
Base: Los Angeles
Owner: Gus Malcolm
Ranking (Global): 2
Ranking (City): 1
Satisfaction rating: 95% from 32 ratings.
Website: Fight Previews / Reviews
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Merch partner: Milwaukee's Best Nutrition
About us: Claymore Elite Combat held its first event on November 28th 2009 and has been operating under the same ownership ever since. We have held the number 1 org spot on a number of occasions and have been home to some of the greatest fighters the tycoon world has known. Welcome to CEC!
Latest News: CEC 526 : Review by Bradley Burns
  The night began with excitement as Jason "Roid" Rage (250384) & Gary Gravity (222585) both scored KO's in their respective bouts to further their contention status and start the fight card off with a bang.

In the third and fourth fight of th evening, Kenton "KO" Okunaba (260284) saw himself take a Unanimous decision against Agustin Trujillo & "The Bulldog" Harry Milne (273127) also won a UD against KO artist Stan Marsh. Both Okunaba and Milne are riding two fight win streaks.

In the last preliminary bout "The Horned Viper" Aleksandar Kamenov (219180) scored a devistating One Punch walk off KO to win KO Of The Night honor against Nuke Lalloosh. Kamenov was dominant with power shots and patience, leading to a great finish late in the first round.

To start off the main card, Vesa Sykk (203018) took a contentious Split decision over Dag "Dregen" Daghammar (275889). The Veteran Sykk surprised everyone by taking the fight to the floor in all 3 rounds. "Dregen" did well throughout and had Sykk very badly rocked in round 3. Sykk would recover and work away, doing anything he could to keep the fight out of the clinch. In the end, 29-28 scorecards were across the board, two siding with Sykk, who now has won 4 of his last 6.

Next, The Lightheavyweight division saw a new clear contender come to light, as Keimah "The Soldier Of God " Animai (199446) submitted top ranked Ricky Blazer (244436) just over 1 minute into the contest. Both known as knockout artists, Animai quickly scored a suplex takedown and transitioned to Blazer's back and locked in the RNC. Animai has won 4 of his last 5, and is now 2-0 in CEC with two finishes and just over 2 minutes of fight time needed in total. Animai took home Submission Of The Night Honors with this performance. Blazer has now lost 2 in a row after going 7-1 with 7 KO's before this, expect him to be back strong.

Next, Cole Orion (265522) shocked the Tycoon world by stopping EPL 11 winner Zeus "Smiter Of Mortals" Obliteratii (232323) by way of TKO(Cut). Orion quickly opened up with hard power punches and strikes which opened up more than one cut on Zeus's face. Over the course of the first round, a countering Orion continued to clip Zeus with hard, crisp shots. Zeus did do well, scoring with leg kicks and prssuring with punches, but by the end of th first round, the blood loss seemed to be too much for the doctor to allow Zeus to compete any longer. Orion has snapped his 3 fight losing streak and has his sights set on Syn' it seems. Zeus is riding the only two fight losing streak of his career and said post fight he wants to get back to the top quickly.

In the Co-Main Event, Former 2 time CEC Middleweight Champion Bronson Steam (264392) solidified his Title shot rematch by beating a fellow legend and a former multiple time EVO Champion Rockmeteller "Rocky" Todd (228550) by Unanimous Decision. The first two rounds were quite close as both men kept distance and exchanged with punches. Steam had a slightly higher output and was able to keep his cardio sharp and continue his pace in round 3 where Steam did his best work. Todd seemed to tire in the third, but continued to fight hard and score with shots. In the end though, 30-27, 30-28 & 29-28 all in favour of Bronson Steam.

Steam with now face the winner of the CEC Championship fight between Champion "The Aussie Joker" Edward Stoker (251685) & former Trinity, GAMMA & EVO Champion, Steve "Bells" Belliveau (220767) on July 19th.

In the Main Event, the moment people have waited for, the CEC LHW Champion, Cornelius Carr (250957) faced off against P4P Legend, Karim Bashorov (212201) who is the EVO and MFN Champion still to this day. The lead up to this fight was intense as both fighters were focused and ready to scrap.

The fight began with both men starting off very strong, applying pressure in the first round, with no feeling out period. Carr was able to keep the fight standing and land a few more heavy strikes to most likely edge out the first round, but Bashorov was in no mood to make this a close fight. Bashorov upped his output significantly in rounds 2, 3 & 4, landing accurate shots at will and landing two major takedowns in round 3. Bashorov was relentless with forward pressure and accurate punches to wear his opponent down, his head movement and foot work looked A+ as he made Carr swing at air with heavy power shots threw the middle rounds.

Carr did stuff 15 of 17 takedown attempts but in a twist of events, the takedown attempts seemed to take more of a toll Carr, who stuffed the takedowns but was obviously worried about the shot, which allowed Bashorov to use his amazingly underrated Stand up skills to outbox The Champion.

In round 5 Bashorov looked to continue where he left off, scoring with accurate punches while avoiding most thrown at him. Until.....


and Carr counters with a crisp one two that drops Bashorov! Carr thinks about following him to the mat for a moment but instead steps back and waves Bashorov to his feet! Bashorov is in big trouble!


Bashorov Is rocked!

The arena absolutely exploded as Carr lands a vicious combination that would have put any normal human being to sleep instantly. The Audience jumped to their feet and did not sit down until the end bell had rung, the announcers could barely hear themselves over the ruckuss crowd of 92,668 fans.

But, as amazing as the knockdown conbo was, Bashorov showed an even more amazing chin and heart, as he quickly rose to his feet and began again to stalk Carr again and walk him down with reckless intent, trying to make sure the final round was his and to leave no doubt in the judges mind.

At the end of 25 Minutes, Carr raised Bashorov's hands as they embraced and realized they had just put on an instant classic 80% fight rating which won them both Fight Of The Night Honors.

Bashorov is now the NEW CEC LHW CHAMPION and defends his Title against Antonio Jose De Sucre "The 2nd " (233977). As we all know, Bashorov went on a legendary 15 fight win streak before the Belliveau fight, and he looks to break the streak of De Sucre on an insane 15 fight win streak of his own. This is another classic in the making as Bashorov doesn't look to slow down and De Sucre easily faces his toughest task to date.

Written by: CEO, Bradley Burns.
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 11 33 238637 171 NA
145 10 36 219693 142 NA
155 17 33 238368 197 NA
170 21 33 220072 156 NA
185 21 33 230479 196 NA
205 25 34 238638 179 NA
265 17 32 235322 197 NA
265+ 0 0 0 0 NA
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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Alex John Conor Burns 5
2 Edward Stoker 6
3 Jolly Leg Byrd 12
4 Saul Goodman 24
5 Jean Paul Garcon 31
6 Shogun Iron Tyson 38
7 Serge Spectre 44
8 Walter Kurtz 77
9 Soa Palelei 79
10 Sergey Beznisko 105
11 Alexsandro De Souza 106
12 Cole Orion 128
13 Johnny Drama 132
14 Hans Huber 144
15 Linus Akerman 149
16 Timur Rubin 155
17 Tony Ramos 169
18 Papa Granit 199
19 Cornelius Carr 206
20 Volya Nikolaev 214
Weight Name Last Win
135 Euphegen Doubdtfire Jacek Krakowiak
145 Euphegen Doubdtfire Shogun Iron Tyson
155 Jolly Leg Byrd Shogun Iron Tyson
170 Hector Romero Hans Huber
185 Edward Stoker Steve Belliveau
205 Alex John Conor Burns Rung Thrym
265 Jean Paul Garcon Timur Rubin
265+ Timur Rubin Lexington Snape

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Staff / Contacts
Owner:   Gus Malcolm
CEO: Bradley Burns
Graphic Designer: John Hetfield
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