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Claymore Elite Combat

Org name: Claymore Elite Combat
Kickboxing Hype:
Fighters signed: 150
Number of events: 522
Base: Los Angeles
Owner: Gus Malcolm
Ranking (Global): 2
Ranking (City): 1
Satisfaction rating: 97% from 35 ratings.
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Merch partner: Milwaukee's Best Nutrition
About us: Claymore Elite Combat held its first event on November 28th 2009. In September 2015 we merged with Ascension, combining two of the top orgs in the game to bring you what you see here today!
Latest News: CEC 422 Preview
  CEC 422

15th January

Los Angeles Memorial Colossuseum

CEC is once again putting on a spectacular card filled with some of the very best fighters in the world. Not only that, 2 titles will also be on the line. A superlight between ADís LHW Champion, Zivic and CECís very own #1 LHW Almu Tantor headlines the event.

Almu Tantor vs. Fritzie "The Croatian Comet" Zivic Ė 205lbs TITLE FIGHT

The current #1 ranked Light Heavyweight, Tantor, puts his rank and title on the line against #8 ranked Zivic who is coming over from AD in a superfight.

Tantor has long been regarded as one of the very best LHW around, when he made the transition from KT to MMA he was touted as one to keep an eye on. He was quickly signed up to Ascension where he went 9-1 before capturing their title. When Ascension was merged into CEC he received an immediate title shot and won the belt. He has yet to lose since capturing the CEC gold. His striking skills are beautiful to behold, you can see how much of an impact his KT days have played in creating an MMA killing machine. It will take a very special kind of fighter to beat him, especially standing.

Zivic is one of the most popular fighters around, the fans love a fighter who goes out on a limb to give them a show. His 37 (T)KOís from 45 wins have made him a fan favourite, he goes into the cage to get it over as soon as he can in spectacular fashion. With only two losses in 21 fights, with those two losses to top opposition Zivic is a fighter to watch. However, there have been criticisms that his record is inflated and he that he rarely goes out to find the tough fights, his last 5 wins his opponents have had a combined record of 137-71, with many of their losses via KO. However his wins over them have been impressive none-the-less but each time he has stepped up in competition, he has lost. Letís see if that trend continues.

I see these two slugging it out with neither giving an inch, Tantor has proven to be very hard to finish, he fought one of the hardest hitters at 205 in Katsaros, 5 times and was never hurt by his punches. I feel he will be able to take Zivicís hardest punches and return fire with just as much damage.

Prediction: Tantor via TKO

Victor "THE DEATH RIDER" Zsasz vs. "Put Gold on it" Sean Tallon Ė 135lbs TITLE FIGHT

Two top 10 Bantamweights show down as Zsasz looks to successfully defend his newly won belt for the first time against former KT superstar Sean Tallon.

Since moving down to 135 Zsasz has been a fighter reborn, he used to be fighting at Light Heavyweight! He looked excellent in his 135 debut as he used his powerful striking attack to handily win the CEC gold. He loves to work on his opponents lead legs by battering them black and blue, his leg kicks serve to set up his body and head punching combinations. He has changed his technique since becoming older, where as before (albeit at higher weight classes) he put more power into his strikes, recently weíve seen him take a more cautious approach to not leave himself open to hard counters, he now throws with more accuracy and cruises to decisions rather than giving it all up to look for that KO.

Tallon is no stranger to fighting for gold, he was the EFFA champion for a long while before picking up his first MMA belt in SP Icon and recently challenging for the EVO belt. His striking is the cornerstone of his offence, but he has recently shown off some grappling. However donít expect him to engage Zsasz on the floor, I see this being contested on the feet which Tallon and Zsasz will both feel at home.

Itís going to be a war! Neither man backs down and both have excellent striking. If a KO is going to be scored I see Tallon walking away with the win, he has great power for his weight and is rarely KOed whereas Zsasz has been KOed 8 times in his career.

Prediction: Tallon via TKO

Damian "The Core" Hardacre vs. "The Mad Monk" Grigori Rasputin Ė 265lbs

Two of the most popular Heavyweights duke it out, hoping a win over the other will be enough to secure a title shot.

Hardacre comes into this fight with a 24-5 record, very impressive, even more so when you add in 19 of them he has scored a (T)KO. 6-4 over his last 10 may not seem great, but before that he dominated some of the best at Hilo Fight League, finishing as their final champion. He then was semi successful at EVO but he couldnít string together wins. Now he is 30, in the prime of his career he is hoping a win over Rasputin can keep his good form going and propel him to a title shot.

Rasputin is one of the hardest hitters out there, only 2 of his 22 wins have gone to a decision, the rest Ö well he demolished them with his power striking. He has shown his chin is good enough, but when faced with really good fighters he often folds under their power. He is currently 4-0 in CEC with all wins coming via KO, surely a win here a title shot will be his?

Hard fight to call, Rasputin is never out of a fight until he is KOed, his power is just too dangerous but Hardacre is entering his prime and if needed he has shown he can take the fights to the floor and submit his opponents, but I donít see that happening. I think Hardacre will be able to finish Rasputin with his stand up.

Prediction: Hardacre via TKO

Tonton Hong vs. "Ultimate" Dee Stroya Ė 205lbs

Two fan favourites in Hong and Dee Strotya meet on the main card, it will be their 2nd meeting, but this time neither will be leaving with a title.

Hong is still regarded as a top LHW, but 2-3 over his last 5, some say he is already on the downside of his career. Heís held titles in numerous orgs before, including CEC, so his career has been successful. He has fought Dee Stroya before in a CEC title fight where he scored a 5th round TKO. He has shown an extremely versatile MMA game, he can land takedowns and score with heavy ground and pound, but his striking power is a marvel to behold. He can turn the lights out very quickly, but he has his wrestling to fall back on if he needs it.

No one knows Dee Stroyaís real name, itís lost in the history books. One thing we do know, he is a destroyer, pardon the shite pun. Former long time RYZE champion before moving to CEC, he struggled for a long time in CEC but eventually worked himself to becoming the champion. He lost to his opponent on the 15th, Hong, so revenge is something he is looking for when he enters that cage. He has an excellent KO record, but also the majority of his losses are via (T)KO.

Hong may have the more well rounded game, he can incorporate takedowns whilst Dee Stroya only has 1 way to win. It will be about who can land first and who lands with power, neither have the best chins so itís a toss up.

Prediction: Hong via TKO

Jalmari "Titus" Pullo vs. Corwin "The seawolf" Anstey Ė 170lbs

The opening fight on the main card is a rematch, the young Pullo looks to stomp out the older former CEFC champ, Anstey.

Pullo comes into this fight as a grappling specialist, his BJJ is a delight to watch as he is able to wrap up submissions from insane angles. He also has a wide variety of submissions techniques sowing he can trap anyone from any position on the ground. His striking is coming along, but itís still his weakest aspect of his MMA game.

Anstey is a veteran of the sport with over 30 fights, he has shown off an impressive all round game, with takedowns, submissions and KOs. However first and foremost he is a top heavy wrestling specialist with heavy ground and pound. The majority of his wins come from him on top of his opponent pounding them into an early night.

I see this fight going the same way as their previous encounter, a high level grappling battle. Pullo will be more active in seeking submissions but if Anstey is allowed to be on top, he will tee off on Pullo. I see Anstey getting in top position a lot, either finishing early or getting a decision.

Prediction: Anstey via UD


"Gentleman" Jim Fitzsimmons vs. "Nro 3" Luu Viulu Ė 205lbs

Both are excellent strikers, however where they differ is that Fitzsimmons is notoriously difficult to finish and Viulu has been KOed 17 times in his career. I see an early KO win for Fitzsimmons.

Borys Grabowski vs. Terrance "Jackson" Clam Digger Ė 145lbs

Grabowski is a very hard hitter, he has a great KO record seeing as though all his fights have occurred at 145. However Digger looks to be the full package, power, submissions and tough to finish. Iíve got Digger via whatever he wants on this one.

"Wittertainment" Mayo Kermode vs. "The Executioner" Davor Langerholc Ė 205lbs

Two more old school type fighters, Kermode is a tough as nails sprawl and brawler with a huge amount of power in his fists. However Davor is a ground guy, he can knock his opponents out on there or get the tap, he has also only been finished once via strikes in his career. I feel Davor will take this one.

Bartek Pietrzak vs. "Wetwork Ninja" Waru Kuzuri Ė 145lbs

Two former legends here, Pietrzak has held titles in numerous orgs and has the well roundedness any MMA fighter dreams of. Kuzuri is regarded as one of the best FWís ever, even when all thought he was past it he picked up the EVO title. However his power and overall striking ability is amazing, tough call but Iím picking Kuzuri.

Hendrik "Langer" Daross vs. Austin Anderson Ė 205lbs

Daross always brings everything, his ultra aggressive style is a crowd pleaser, but also leaves him open to big shots and the KO. Anderson can duke it out anywhere but he doesnít have the power to be a real threat on the feet. I see Daross beating Anderson via decision in this one.

Thatís all folks! Be sure to tune in to watch the fights.
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 14 34 213862 139 NA
145 16 35 215995 190 NA
155 20 32 239920 171 NA
170 20 32 237155 169 NA
185 25 33 214652 160 NA
205 30 34 205656 154 NA
265 24 34 220116 192 NA
265+ 0 0 0 0 NA
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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Timur Rubin 7
2 Martin Saint Louis 12
3 Bronson Steam 19
4 Cornelius Carr 29
5 Christian Edge 31
6 Hector Romero 42
7 Euphegen Doubdtfire 68
8 Jean Paul Garcon 78
9 Soa Palelei 79
10 Vinny Hopkins 86
11 Alex John Conor Burns 91
12 Hans Huber 115
13 Jim Fitzsimmons 120
14 Spawn Diego 124
15 Alexsandro De Souza 135
16 Serge Spectre 175
17 Edward Stoker 181
18 Charles DaCoca 183
19 Ricky Blazer 198
20 Grin Ribber 201
Weight Name Last Win
135 Euphegen Doubdtfire Ode Jokinen
145 Christian Edge Gunter Vogler
155 Martin Saint Louis Spawn Diego
170 Hector Romero Alexsandro De Souza
185 Bronson Steam Kim Jong Guk
205 Cornelius Carr Alex John Conor Burns
265 Timur Rubin Jean Paul Garcon
265+ Timur Rubin Grigori Rasputin

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Owner:   Gus Malcolm
Graphic Designer: John Hetfield
CEO: Bradley Burns
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