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SYN 517 - Hoshino vs Lil wayne (881912)

Organization: Synchronicity
Date: 02 Apr 2017
City: London
Arena: Wombley Arena (93,607)
Rules: MMA
Ring/Cage: Cage
Judging System: 10 point must
Ticket price: Premium
Pay per view?: No
Merchandise Partner: Hellbent
Bookmakers: None
Event Discussion: Click here
Confirmed fights
Weight Rounds Round Minutes Fighters  
135 lbs 5 5 Kantaro Hoshino v Lil Wayne Add to my spoiler fight list. 135 lbs title    
185 lbs 5 5 Steven Rutherford v Jerry Kokane Add to my spoiler fight list. 185 lbs title    
145 lbs 3 5 Da Skrumbo v Don Juan Matus Add to my spoiler fight list.    
155 lbs 3 5 Chad Murray v Severo Del Bosque Add to my spoiler fight list.    
185 lbs 3 5 Kalervo Kaunismieli v Friedrich Von Kuschelbär Add to my spoiler fight list.    
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