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MMA Tycoon is a free to play MMA Sim Game, played by thousands of UFC and MMA fans from around the world!

Create fighters, run companies, train at your local gyms, join alliances, work your way to global domination both in the cage and in the business world to become the Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts Tycoon!

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Today's Top Event: ABW 176 Wolf - Meat Boy
MMA Event Poster Org:OG Cardinals Fighting Org
Event: ABW 176 Wolf - Meat Boy
Arena: Hard Knocks - Helsinki (3,000)

Main Card
265+ lbs Howlin Wolf v Super Meat Boy
135 lbs Johannes Brahms v Paul Murhaa
145 lbs Iker Ramirez v Bobo Nielsen
155 lbs Alika Hakekia v Kazushi Mizushima
135 lbs Nigel Nobody v Palaktingpuet Payakarakatong
155 lbs Juu Dyon v Cuba Moretti
MMA Organization
MMA Fight Arena
Today's Top Events
ABW 176 Wolf - Meat Boy Helsinki
Quick Fight Championship New York
Quick Fight Championship Montreal
QFC Tournament 884 Round 3 Montreal
Quick Fight Championship The Island
Quick Fight Championship New York
Quick Fight Championship The Island
Quick Fight Championship Los Angeles
Quick Fight Championship The Island
Quick Fight Championship The Island
P4P Top 10
Evil Nixon
Zane Mason
Pablo Maraçon
Galen Dall
Orlando Diggs
Nick Shamrock
Gareth Keenan
Russell Tyrone Jones
Stu Grimson
Akoni Gray
Top 10 Kickboxers
Puck Heidegger
Kusal Perera
Nero La Croix
Third Round Romero
Lambert George
Jacques Durand
David Haller
Dwan Diego
Chuck Norris Jr
Henri Lafitte
Top 10 Grapplers
Ewen Davis
Aloysius Martin Thesz
Michael Blake
Brick Tamland
Pablo Dominguez
Kazushi Aoki
Police Officer
Mike Diaz
Anthony Pettis
Percy Schmeiser
Top 10 Managers
Billy Arseworth Australia
Alex K. United States
Ivan Drago Russia
Bwang Jong Sr Tonga
Laz Staz Cyprus
Blake Phoenix United States
Silent Bob Sweden
King Kendrick Bulgaria
John Coffey Finland
Louis Princip United States
Top MMA Fight News
Official Rankings (11/05/2018)
Bantamweight Division (135lbs and under) Title Vacant 1 (1) Dohn Jodson (12-1, 143lbs, W,W,W,W,W) 2 (4) Xing Pugberg (12-5, 130lbs, W,L,W,W,W) 3 (NE) Evgeni Lomachenko (16-13, 152lbs, W,W,L,L,L...
Previews can be found in the smack talk thread.
New Event Thread
I’ve started a new thread for any event chatter and/or smack talk if anyone iwants to perticipate. Keep it clean and let’s enjoy the game! Thread linked above.
SyFi - Power Rankings and Upcoming Fights
Sydney Fights a look into the title Race (Updated: 06/11) 135: Champion: Yodsawan Sitsongrit (11-2) 1. Sergei Petrov (7-2) 2. Hiroki Tomori (9-2) 3. Marcelo Barbosa (10-4) 4. Wayne Wi...
Event Partner Extwnsion
Ajax Fight Club is proud to announce that we have extended our partnership with Sydney’s Freebok Clothing. Fighters are encouraged to check them out for all their clothing needs. Hoping to rise to big...
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