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Giang "KO" Hao (402790)

Mixed Martial Arts Fighter - Giang Hao
Record 6-1-0 (W-L-D)
Wins 5 (T)KOs (83.33%)
0 Subs (0.00%)
1 Decisions (16.67%)
Losses 1 (T)KOs (100.00%)
0 Subs (0.00%)
0 Decisions (0.00%)
Next Fight Lars Elofsson
2024-07-20 Title Fight
Song None
Height 225 cm
Weight 300 lbs
Can cut to 274.6 lbs
Age 26
Hometown Hanoi
Country Vietnam
Location Los Angeles
Base Los Angeles
Manager Miki Milojkovic
Bank Balance $13,857.14
Alliance   -
Highest Rank 1916 MMA
Creation Date 6th Mar 2024
Giang has Remarkable boxing, Abysmal Muay Thai, Proficient wrestling and holds a white belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Awards: Fight of the night: 1 ($1,000)   
Weight: 135 P4P: 2196
0 Days Cuts 0 Days

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Contracted to Trophies
Fight Club LA 398k+ [7343]

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Fighter Bio

Boxing   - Punches   - Agility   -
Muay Thai   - Kicks   - Flexbility   -
Wrestling   - Elbows   - Speed   -
BJJ   - Knees   - Strength   -
      Clinchwork   - Conditioning   -
Sparring   Worth Striking Defense   - Balance   -
Boxing   - Ground n Pound   -      
Muay Thai   - Takedown Off   -      
Wrestling   - Takedown Def   -      
BJJ   - Submissions   -      
      Defensive Grap   -      
      Transitions   -      
      Escapes   -      
Currently wearing

Tempo Athletics
Tempo Athletics

MMA Record

  Opponent Method Event Date W/C Rnd Time  
W No Losses Decision (Unanimous) FCL - 37 2024-06-22 265+ 3 05:00 view
L Onyx Outlaw KO (Punch) FCL - 32 2024-05-28 265+ 2 00:37 view
W Care Bear TKO (Strikes) FCL - 26 2024-04-27 265+ 1 01:32 view
W Kanoh Agito KO (Punch) FCL - 18 2024-03-31 265+ 1 01:35 view
W Karol Bedorf KO (Punch) Quick Fight Championship 2024-03-15 265+ 1 00:20 view
W Mamed Khalidov TKO (Strikes) Quick Fight Championship 2024-03-11 265+ 1 01:45 view
W Jan Blachowicz KO (Punch) Quick Fight Championship 2024-03-08 265+ 1 00:23 view

Buzz at Giang "KO" Hao (Logged in as )
Michael Harrison
Michael Harrison replied to Giang Hao's Buzz buzzed at Giang Hao

Cute lil post and everything but never again call yorself a King cause I am the only King here. (Apr 02, 2024)

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Giang "KO" Hao's recent buzzes
Giang Hao buzzed at Care Bear
My next fight is official against Care Bear April 27th.And hey Care Bear, I've got news for you. Your Muay Thai background? Irrelevant when you step into the cage with me. I'm on a whole different level, and I'm not here to play games. Get ready to get knocked out in the first round. πŸ₯ŠπŸ‘‘ #KingIsHere #FirstRoundKO (Apr 02, 2024)
Giang Hao buzzed at Kanoh Agito
Another day, another W! πŸ’₯ Kanoh Agito stepped in the ring thinking he could handle me, but ended up kissing the mat. Who's next? Bring on the challengers, 'cause I'm just getting started! #KOKing #NoMercy πŸ”₯πŸ₯Š Now 4-0, baby! (Apr 01, 2024)
Giang Hao buzzed at Onyx Outlaw , Kanoh Agito
Kanoh Agito, you're a joke in this cage. Your mediocre record speaks volumes about your lack of talent. You think you're 'well-rounded'? More like well-rounded disappointment. Get ready for a beating that'll leave you questioning why you even bothered showing up. #GiangbyKO πŸ’₯πŸ”₯It will be "and still undefeated Giang "KO" Hao" easy money 4-0.After this win I will be calling out "Champ" whoever wi... (Mar 29, 2024)
Giang Hao buzzed at Karol Bedorf
πŸ”₯ Another day, another opponent left flat on the canvas. Karol Bedorf learned the hard way that he's not in my league. Undefeated, unchallenged, and untouchable. The FCL Heavyweights better be ready because I'm coming for everyone. #GiangHao #KOArtist #FutureChampion" πŸ₯ŠπŸ’₯ (Mar 16, 2024)
Giang Hao buzzed at Karol Bedorf
Brace yourselves for another spectacle! I've set my sights on Karol Bedorf, and mark my words, it will be a dominant performance. R1 finish? Consider it a promise, because when I step into that cage, there's only one outcome: devastation. KoKo, prepare to be humbled. After I solidify my dominance in QFC with maybe 1 or 2 more fights, I'll be ready to conquer the major leagues and make history. #GiangHao