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New Standard (for sale) (4830)

New Standard (for sale)
  New York
  Outlaw Bleak
500 Weeks:   145 in 387 weeks
7 Day Sales:   18
Rank:   17
Gym Partner:
  3Band MMA
Outlaw MMA
Event Partner:   None
About Us:
  Hardcore Nutrition lives up to it's name. For the best quality supplements on the market, come visit Hardcore Nutrition. We offer top quality 160Q products of every sort for less than anywhere else. When you need to turn HARDCORE in the gym, you know who will get you there. PROOF:
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News: 50k Bonus (Dec 03, 2022)
  If you send me a link of your fight where your fighter mentioned New Standard after a win, I will send you 50k every time.
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Products on sale

Reduce Energy Loss 160Q

Effects: Reduce energy loss
Cost: $ 100 for 14 days supply
In Stock: 5411

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Increase Stamina 160Q

Effects: Increase stamina
Cost: $ 100 for 14 days supply
In Stock: 3045

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Muscle Bulk 160Q

Effects: Muscle bulk
Cost: $ 100 for 14 days supply
In Stock: 1737

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Weight Loss 160Q

Effects: Weight Loss
Cost: $ 100 for 14 days supply
In Stock: 820

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Weight Gain 160Q

Effects: Weight Gain
Cost: $ 100 for 14 days supply
In Stock: 841

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Sponsored fighters

P4P / Record Name P4P / Record
Ramone Rocksaw 965 (19-11-0) Red Jesus Karter 219 (16-5-0)
Bugsy Seigel 49 (17-7-1) Jorge Santa Perez 1494 (11-7-0)
Yip Man Iii 1244 (22-12-1) Renji Abarai 868 (19-8-1)
Nagatsuki Hideki 1636 (6-2-0) Principo Adam 138 (21-9-1)
Yago Steve 498 (31-11-0) Holden Gracie 708 (17-9-0)
Ricardo Cruz 418 (19-15-0) Klayton King 1995 (5-2-0)
Ziggy Ozbourne 4118 (15-7-2) Tian Long 24112 (2-1-0)
Greg Connor 319 (24-6-0)
OwnerOutlaw Bleak

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