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Canadian Fighting Championship

Org name: Canadian Fighting Championship
Kickboxing Hype:
Fighters signed: 150
Number of events: 481
Base: Montreal
Owner: Dead Disney
Ranking (Global): 6
Ranking (City): 1
Satisfaction rating: 100% from 33 ratings.
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About us: Welcome to the modern era of the CFC. Est. 2009. No bullsh*t matchups. No politics. No cherry-picking fights. We play Tycoon the way it was meant to be played and we specialize in ultraviolence. Come and get one in the yarbles.
Latest News: CFC 441 Review
  205 lbs Antonio Mauricio DeSilva vs Pierre Joseph Proudhon

"2 Champ" Antonio Mauricio DeSilva left it all in the ring, successfully defending his light heavyweight title for the second time in November. As with the first title defense, this one went the full five rounds with the champion walking away with a unanimous, but close, decision. Pierre Joseph Proudhon came out strong, easily winning the first round on the back of some great clinch defense. Not a lot of shots landed on either side, but it was some great action enjoyed by the 93,418 in attendance. DeSilva took his corner’s instructions and came out in the second looking more aggressive. His quickness ensured the second round was his. He wasn’t able to assert himself as much in the third, only managing to gain the clinch (which he’d been working hard on) close to the end of the round. Proudhon’s counters were on point and he was able to land enough to win the round. Score it 2-1 Proudhon after three. The champ changes tactics a little in the fourth, trying to isolate the body and slow Proudhon down, landing some heavy rib shots. None proved fatal, but it certainly reduced the challenger’s effectiveness. Those in attendance gave the fighters a standing ovation before the fifth, and final, round. It was a slow start until the two minute mark, when Proudhon broke a clinch. The two fighters then exchanged blows for a long time and I don’t know how either of them didn’t collapse in exhaustion. DeSilva’s aggressiveness put him over the top. Result: Defending 205 champion, Antonio Mauricio DeSilva by Unanimous Decision

135 lbs Yuri Nagasaki vs Pat Joplin

“We have a 135 pound division?” Yes we do, and unlike other organisations who have a half dozen scrawny babies who are hoping for an easy belt, CFC’s bantamweight division is full of manly men who aren’t afraid of a dust up. Case in point; "The Ninja Demon" Yuri Nagasaki squared off against "The Human Thermometer" Pat Joplin for the bantamweight title. The first 135 title since July of 2021. Nagasaki barely broke a sweat in this one, earning the shiny new CFC belt in spectacular fashion. 33 wins in his career, he’d never won one by submission … until now. Joplin got caught early, being thrown on his back before the first minute was up, but it wasn’t a position he was uncomfortable being in. The Black Belt from Savannah was very aggressive and active, throwing his legs up to try and isolate for the triangle submission. Nagasaki either didn’t notice or didn’t care, controlling his dominant position and hammering Joplin with some nasty blows. It seemed to soften him up, allowing Nagasaki to grab Joplin’s arm and surprise the pundits to a submission victory. Result: New 135 champion, Yuri Nagasaki by Submission

265 lbs Spinning Fire vs The Devils Outlaw

Two former Grunge fighters took the welcome applause by the CFC audience and looked to gain steam in the heavyweight division. Spinning "Double Elixer" Fire put CFC owner, Dead Disney, on notice saying “I want the CFC belt” and “don’t deny it from me” in his post-fight interview. The Devils Outlaw was 20-3 coming into the fight and a long time Grunge heavyweight champion, so how could it have been easy? Fire had the gameplan written on the back of his hand and executed it brilliantly. Countering virtually every strike thrown Outlaw, Fire pinned Outlaw to the mat and kept him there for two and a half rounds. He tossed an incredible 66 strikes on the ground and although the accuracy was horrific, the power made up for it. Outlaw was rocked hard late in the first, rudely elbowed in the second, and TKO’d early in the third. Great takedown offense and power shown by Fire and a disappointing debut by Outlaw. Result: Spinning Fire by TKO

205 lbs Jan Sobieski vs Mike Holmes Jr
Two light heavyweights looking to get back on track. Jan Sobieski lost his debut against PJ Proudhon and "Do It Right The 1st Time" Mike Holmes Jr lost his title shot to DeSilva at CFC 437. The fans definitely weren’t behind this one, booing loudly and repeatedly as the two fighters spent the majority of the fight on the ground looking for openings. Sobieski managed to land some strikes, but the rest of the fight was two sweaty wiggly worms. Result: Jan Sobieski by Unanimous Decision

145 lbs Leonardo Da Silva vs 3 Piece Soda

Old Man Da Silva beat CFC newcomer, 3 Piece "N " Soda, in 2 minutes 25 seconds. Soda was incredibly active, but it only took one miss for Da Silva to counter and take Soda to the mat. A sub attempt later and Soda’s stand-up fighting was all for naught. That’s two CFC wins for Da Silva, two Sub of the Night Awards. Result: Leonardo Da Silva by Submission

170 lbs Ralphie Maldonado vs Abdul Rahman

Two more former Grunge employees making their CFC debuts. Ralphie "Maldo" Maldonado and Abdul "The Sheik" Rahman entertained the crowd for three rounds with some great stand-up action. Rahman may have lost the fight, but he must take some consolation that he had Maldonado hurt badly in both of the first two rounds. If he had cut down the aggression in the third and not got caught with the left counter, this would have been a different story. Credit to Maldonado for getting up off the mat and making Rahman pay. Result: Ralphie Maldonado by Unanimous Decision.

265 lbs Shaka Zulu vs Ginger Jesus

What the hell was that? Shaka "Giganto" Zulu beat "Da Ginga Ninja" Ginger Jesus in 18 seconds, extending Jesus’ losing streak to three fights in the process. Textbook submission win; takedown, sub, make opponent cry. Result: Shaka Zulu by Submission

265 lbs Tinashe Chukwuma vs Kevin Shinnie

Tinashe Chukwuma is back in business, earning his second straight KO of the night with a flawless ground and pound game. 7 strikes, 7 hits for the Algerian and Kevin "Rolling Thunder" Shinnie had no response except to hope the bell came to save him. It didn’t. Result: Tinashe Chukwuma by KO.

205 lbs Bill Goldberg vs Bak Mei

Bill "The Spear" Goldberg evens his record to 21 and 21, while sending Bak Mei (or is it Cut Me Daddy?) into retirement with a first round TKO win. Mei got cut, knocked down, and rocked in a span of 30 seconds, but managed to hold on … for another minute. Goldberg then cut him again with an elbow and one last time for good measure. Result: Bill Goldberg by TKO.

205 lbs Anderson Nogueira vs Theodore Rothschild

The three month layoff did "The Punisher" Anderson Nogueira some good. He and opponent, "Chuck DiBiase" Theodore Rothschild, fought hard for three rounds, but in the end, Nogueira’s clinchwork was just too much. Result: Anderson Nogueira by Unanimous Decision.
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 16 32 335584 95 NA
145 15 33 318904 126 NA
155 27 34 319330 88 NA
170 19 33 324218 92 NA
185 23 35 309411 101 NA
205 26 34 322479 72 NA
265 25 32 324668 101 NA
265+ 0 0 0 0 Turkish oil wrestling division per contract demand of All Male Dancers.
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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Ara Tiotio 149
2 Ceaser El Toro Jr 153
3 Azacca Trounvouche 163
4 Yuri Nagasaki 171
5 More IsMore 246
6 Wilfredo Wild 258
7 Leonardo Da Silva 274
8 Roy Whitaker 284
9 James Hackett 305
10 Humors Lacplesis 354
11 James Yarborough 358
12 Tyler Wrexham 375
13 Mike McLaughlin 403
14 Veikko Keskinen 424
15 Kappa Knox 430
16 Felix Inarritu 435
17 Alan Spence 441
18 Spinning Fire 451
19 Jan Sobieski 467
20 Justin Case 479
Weight Name Last Win
135 Yuri Nagasaki Pat Joplin
145 Azacca Trounvouche James Hackett
155 Humors Lacplesis Akaro Horiguchi
170 Ceaser El Toro Jr Ivan Andrianov
185 Wilfredo Wild Captain Gonza
265 More IsMore Manuel Neuer

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Owner:   Dead Disney
Director Of Training Science : Mister Twister
Media Assassin: Cheorge Guvalo
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