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Toth Bert (117646) - Manager

Mixed Martial Arts Management - Toth Bert
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Historic MMA Record

Record   53-48-1 (0 NCs)
Wins   32 (T)KOs (60.38%)
    9 Subs (16.98%)
    12 Decisions (22.64%)
Losses   26 (T)KOs (54.17%)
    12 Subs (25.00%)
    10 Decisions (20.83%)
Current 0-0-0 (0 NCs)
TWGC 1 - 5
  Town where I am from
United States United States (P:17)
Month Rank
Best Rank
Opp Rank
  2418 of 26179 (9.24%)
2172 (-246 drop)
321 average
Div 7. League 297 (P: 22)
Top Fighter  
Fighters   0
Bank   $23.76
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Last login GMT (y/m/d):
2018-06-24 01:26:21
Joined (y/m/d):
2017-03-28 04:44:50
Username: UncleToth
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17 Sep, 2018 Monday - Fentz Straterloo celebrated his birthday - 31 today!
01 Sep, 2018 Saturday - Jacque Sirven celebrated his birthday - 30 today!
09 Aug, 2018 Thursday - Gus McKenna celebrated his birthday - 31 today!
08 Aug, 2018 Wednesday - Ricky Yaa celebrated his birthday - 20 today!
03 Aug, 2018 Friday - Heavy Guy celebrated his birthday - 30 today!
02 Aug, 2018 Thursday - Released the fighter - Matias Orava
31 Jul, 2018 Tuesday - Matias Orava celebrated his birthday - 30 today!
05 Jul, 2018 Thursday - Ivan Gore celebrated his birthday - 29 today!
02 Jul, 2018 Monday - Conor Daley celebrated his birthday - 30 today!
24 Jun, 2018 Sunday - Fentz Straterloo celebrated his birthday - 30 today!

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Last 20 MMA & Kickboxing Fights (View all Fights)
  My Fighter Opponent Method Event Date Rnd Time
   W Conor Daley Danny Mc Elroy KO (Punch) MMAHelsinki - 172 2018-03-31 1 02:57
   L Fentz Straterloo Wamberto Boaz Submission (RNC) TGC Crucible 10 2018-03-21 2 03:58
   L Ricky Yaa James Cole Submission (Armbar) BFF 3: Tenkaichi Round 1 2018-03-17 1 01:53
   W Ivan Gore Paulski McBeth TKO (Strikes) PFC 25 Yamaguchi vs Rock 2018-03-16 3 03:09
   L Heavy Guy Bob Fury Submission (Americana) *PPV: REVERBERATION 2018-03-10 1 01:59
   L Matias Orava Von Magnaron Decision (Unanimous) PFC 23 Penn vs Nordskov 2018-03-09 3 05:00
   L Gus McKenna Michael Proctor KO (Head Kick) DFN#31 Von Ketler vs Killer 2018-03-03 2 00:56
   L Ricky Yaa Nikki Nix Submission (Armbar) Quick Fight Championship 2018-02-25 1 00:24
   L Fentz Straterloo Angelo San Diego KO (Punch) TGC 44: Cobb vs Tskhadaia 2018-02-24 1 02:40
   L Atanase Teodor Viktor Bestarsson KO (Spinning Backfist) MMMA 64 Teodor vs Bestarsson 2018-02-21 2 03:42
   L Jetmir Foj Ronald Fredrick Submission (Armbar) Quick Fight Championship 2018-02-18 1 03:42
   W Conor Daley Cu Cuchulain TKO (Strikes) Quick Fight Championship 2018-02-17 1 00:12
   L Nakki Fakiiri Jack Jones TKO (Strikes) OFC 339: Wyatt vs Salgado 2018-02-10 1 04:46
   L Matias Orava Pekko Wannanen TKO (Knees) PFC 16 Mfer vs Tepes 2018-02-09 1 03:55
   W Conor Daley Jon Pegas KO (Punch) Quick Fight Championship 2018-02-04 1 04:54
   W Heavy Guy Amir Abdallah TKO (Strikes) PFC 14 Guy vs Abdallah 2018-02-02 1 02:49
   W Atanase Teodor Dong Uk TKO (Punches) MADNESS Fight League v1 2018-01-28 1 03:28
   W Fentz Straterloo Andre Clay TKO (Strikes) TGC 40: Cobb vs Bell 2018-01-27 2 04:23
   W Nakki Fakiiri Lyle Alzado TKO (Strikes) OFC 336: Bright 2018-01-27 1 03:29
   L Gus McKenna Ralph McGuire Jr TKO (Cut) DUEL#126 Vee vs Proctor 2018-01-27 2 01:26
Last 20 TWGC Fights
  My Fighter Opponent Method Event Date Rnd Time
   L Aleksandar Kamenov Richard Kuklinski Decision TWGC 19 (265+lbs, D1): Helsin... 2017-11-25 1 15:04
   L Dennis Page Masa Wasa Decision TWGC 19 (155lbs, D1): Helsink... 2017-11-24 1 15:11
   W Aleksandar Kamenov Pina Colada Hoi Decision TWGC 19 (265+lbs, D1): Helsin... 2017-11-24 1 15:20
   L Luke Pratchett Hanzo Hasashi Decision TWGC 19 (155lbs, D1): Las Veg... 2017-11-24 1 15:05
   L Atanase Teodor Jack Jones Submission (Armbar) TWGC 19 (155lbs, D2): Las Veg... 2017-11-24 1 01:49
   L Mickey Lack Muhhamad Bin Zayed Submission (Triangle) TWGC 18 (265lbs, D3): Sydney ... 2017-09-18 1 02:49
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Record 0-0- (W-L-D)
Wins (T)KOs (0.00%)
Subs (0.00%)
Decisions (0.00%)
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Subs (0.00%)
Decisions (0.00%)
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Ali Pharaoh
Ali Pharaoh buzzed at Toth Bert (Feb 19, 2018)

Thank you for shopping at KAGED, Toth. Enjoy your gear!

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Toth Bert's recent buzzes
Toth Bert replied Ibrahim Camara's Buzz buzzed at Ibrahim Camara
So I don’t know if I should be upset or relieved about you not having any feelings of getting hard when it comes to me. On one hand I am happy since I am not into men whatsoever and then I also have to think about what makes me not attractive enough when you have a long list of ugly (in my opinion) men you have had sexual relationships with in the short amount of time you have been around the fight game. Very strange how things have went during your time here (Feb 06, 2018)
Toth Bert replied Toth Bert's Buzz buzzed at Ibrahim Camara
I don’t need an answer right away, you can take some time to think it over and perhaps you and Ibrahim Camara can discuss it while you have your mentor/mentee cock measuring meetings which btw how does that work if you are using each others throats to measure because I doubt you both have the same size mouth but then again I don’t know, you both do have big mouths and very big heads so it could be a perfect match. (Feb 01, 2018)
Toth Bert replied Grumpy Bastard's Buzz buzzed at Grumpy Bastard
So you are admitting that you are in fact a grumpy homosexual male who has a thing for handjobs and oral from foreign men? Well I applaud your bravery and courage to share this with all of us but let me ask you this...would you consider coming out to Uncle Toths Farm and while your her I could make our breeding stable wheelchair accessible so you wouldn’t have any issues with letting one of my OX’s fuck your handicapped ass for a few minutes to rid you of all your cock craving grumpiness???... (Feb 01, 2018)
Toth Bert buzzed at Bilabong Conrad
Probably one of the best avatars I have seen lol all because of the Hercules Hercules gif in it lol (Jun 21, 2017)
Toth Bert buzzed at Mayo Kermode
You came to the right place, you will think your in a private facility by the way I run things and since your just joining the gym (May 18, 2017)
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