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Record   34-36-0 (0 NCs)
Wins   14 (T)KOs (41.18%)
    9 Subs (26.47%)
    11 Decisions (32.35%)
Losses   17 (T)KOs (47.22%)
    13 Subs (36.11%)
    6 Decisions (16.67%)
Current 0-0-0 (0 NCs)
Solomon Islands Solomon Islands (P:184)
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Opp Rank
  4603 of 30303 (15.19%)
4516 (-87 drop)
331 average
Div 7. League 283 (P: 14)
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Fighters   0
Bank   $71,777.00
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2018-08-18 14:07:04
Joined (y/m/d):
2017-07-14 19:52:20
Username: Narshade
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03 Apr, 2018 Tuesday - Makonouchi Ippo celebrated his birthday - 28 today!
13 Mar, 2018 Tuesday - Max Power celebrated his birthday - 27 today!
02 Mar, 2018 Friday - Atreyu Nakamotto celebrated his birthday - 27 today!
21 Feb, 2018 Wednesday - Fighter: Max Power moved location to - New York
10 Feb, 2018 Saturday - Fighter: Makonouchi Ippo moved location to - New York
21 Jan, 2018 Sunday - Released the fighter - Murasaki Bara
08 Jan, 2018 Monday - Makonouchi Ippo celebrated his birthday - 27 today!
04 Jan, 2018 Thursday - Fighter: Max Power moved base to - Tokyo
02 Jan, 2018 Tuesday - Fighter: Max Power moved location to - New York
02 Jan, 2018 Tuesday - Murasaki Bara celebrated his birthday - 20 today!

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Last 20 MMA & Kickboxing Fights (View all Fights)
  My Fighter Opponent Method Event Date Rnd Time
   L Max Power Nick Lancaster Submission (Guillotine) NJMMA #41: Bullet v Shushkev 2018-02-21 2 02:58
   L Makonouchi Ippo Trevor Burrows TKO (Strikes) NJMMA #38: Paulin v Jacobs 2018-02-10 2 00:24
   W Atreyu Nakamotto Rocky Balboa TKO (Punches) NJMMA #37: Hansen v Sheedy 2018-02-07 2 04:47
   W Max Power Alan Moore Decision (Unanimous) NJMMA #33: Bullet v MacGowan 2018-01-27 3 05:00
   L Atreyu Nakamotto Tank Ispa Submission (Triangle Choke) NJMMA #32: Klos v Graves 2018-01-24 2 03:21
   L Murasaki Bara Jacob Hardy TKO (Strikes) Vale Tudo GP: 265+ Opening Rd... 2018-01-19 1 01:52
   L Makonouchi Ippo Avery Nijholt KO (Punch) NJMMA #30: Jacobs v Braddock 2018-01-17 1 03:37
   L Max Power Runar Runarsson TKO (Punches) NJMMA #26: Title Night 2018-01-03 3 03:32
   L Atreyu Nakamotto Rob Kardashian KO (Punch) NJMMA #26: Title Night 2018-01-03 3 01:10
   W Murasaki Bara Xavier LaFera TKO (Strikes) New Year in Paradise 2017 2017-12-31 1 01:58
   L Max Power Shane MacGowan Submission (Triangle Choke) NJMMA #19: Power v MacGowan 2017-12-09 1 04:57
   L Makonouchi Ippo Blayze Sommer TKO (Strikes) UFF: Russia 2017-12-08 1 02:38
   W Atreyu Nakamotto Jethro Tull TKO (Strikes) NJMMA #18: Jorgensen v Hatton 2017-12-06 2 01:24
   L Murasaki Bara Ronald Lemode Submission (Strikes) TAOC #1 - Chonus X An 2 2017-12-03 1 01:59
   W Max Power Cyrill Troy TKO (Strikes) NJMMA #13: McCallum v Klos 2017-11-18 1 01:55
   W Makonouchi Ippo Isaac Sparks TKO (Strikes) SNPF: Japan 2017-11-04 2 00:41
   L Rikudo Shimazaki Hercules Fortier KO (Punch) HHFC-New Era 2017-10-31 1 04:46
   W Max Power Tyreke Mechanic Decision (Unanimous) NJMMA #8: Super Heavyweights! 2017-10-28 3 05:00
   W Atreyu Nakamotto Don Davy Jones KO (Punches) DSOF 11 2017-10-21 1 03:24
   W Rikudo Shimazaki Gololo Moses Submission (Triangle) HHFC Live! 10/18/17 2017-10-18 1 01:48
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Wins (T)KOs (0.00%)
Subs (0.00%)
Decisions (0.00%)
Losses (T)KOs (0.00%)
Subs (0.00%)
Decisions (0.00%)
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Buzz at Nar Shade (Logged in as )
Mr Cropper
Mr Cropper replied Nar Shade's Buzz buzzed at Nar Shade (Oct 24, 2017)

oH and by the way your guy was created 1month after his guy theres 2000 ID between you guys so dont blame me for your shitty training skills try sparring abit to get his prims up mite help.

view conversation »
Nar Shade's recent buzzes
Nar Shade replied Blayze Sommer's Buzz buzzed at Blayze Sommer
I will always give my best, and i expect the same from you, ,y brothers from another families, to do the same. Im honored to show you the path, and i hope you have enough time to, for the time to face me in the ring is closing up. Im not preparing to beat you. Im preparing to be the best. (Nov 15, 2017)
Nar Shade rebuzzed Blayze Sommer's buzz
Blayze Sommer
Congrats on your 5-0 streak so far, but be prepared the heat is about to be increased #firestarter #EPGH #lightweight #championship #23days #UFFRUSSIA (Nov 15, 2017)
Nar Shade buzzed at Mr Cropper
Why is that, Mr Propper? you are not used to people declining your arranged fights? and by training skills, you mean all those private gyms you guys create just for your own arranged fighters? Of course with the sidenote that you don't accept anyone. Sorry to say, but guys like you give MMA a bad rep. (Oct 24, 2017)
Nar Shade buzzed at Stanislav Knazko
Hey Knazko! Looks like Mr Propper wants a fight between you and Rikudo Shimazaki for next weekend event. Since the difference between the two its so abysmal, should we split the benefits of the fight? Or you are the kind that doesn't like arranged fights? (Oct 24, 2017)
Nar Shade buzzed at Don Davy Jones
Nice fight Dude. Got lucky with that straight hand, you earned my respect in that fight. Now step aside and let me take the weight of your punches on the way to the top. (Oct 21, 2017)
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