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Historic 8-18-0 (0 NCs)
  Los Angeles, California
United States United States (P:22)
Las Vegas
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  1559 of 18269 (8.53%)
18174 (+16615 gain)
NA (not enough fights)
Div 7. League 538 (P: 14)
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Alliance   Tycoon Alliance
Bank   $50,141.07
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2017-03-24 18:06:59
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2017-03-21 20:29:56
Username: ZipperEyes
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Buzz at Felix Darkstar (Logged in as )
Jay Van Clief
Jay Van Clief replied Felix Darkstar's Buzz buzzed at Felix Darkstar (Dec 09, 2016)

I only have a fight org. if you're looking for sponsors contact davin at mayhem clothing in las vegas. He's a really cool dude and might be able to hook you up with some sponsorship.

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Felix Darkstar's recent buzzes
Any good gyms in Rio De Janeiro? Maybe the good gyms are all taken but someone needs to make an good gym. If you have only one trainer, do not make us pay 1 grand to fight there per week. I need to train my guys for fights and I can't fucking train my guy properly. I was forced to move but this gym is barely above decent and I am being nice about there rating. No takedowns or good ground training. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK! I will pay right know for a new gym in Rio! HOLY SHIT! (Dec 14, 2016)
Felix Darkstar replied Jay Van Clief's Buzz buzzed at Jay Van Clief
thanks and I accidentally sent that to you. lol (Dec 10, 2016)
Felix Darkstar buzzed at Jay Van Clief
Looking for sponsors for all four of my fighters! (Dec 01, 2016)
FightTalk has been posted on forums for everyone to check out! Also I am hosting Johnathon's Rundown where I talk MMA Tycoon. This edition I am going over Top 5 Brawlers. Brawlers are fighters who bang it out rather than go for an takedown and I need your help! If you have an suggestion of an brawler send it to me through Buzz or PM. Of course my opinion is there as well but I want to know what you guys think! Thanks (Nov 24, 2016)
Felix Darkstar replied Nate Gonzalez's Buzz buzzed at Nate Gonzalez
Also Ricky Rocker has an interview in it as well (Nov 22, 2016)
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